Go Big, or Go Home

My Burton snowboard

White, blue, and black,

Covered with stickers,

Special S





And Foursquare.

He slides down the mountain

Faster than fast,

Faster than a lightning strike

Only stopped by

The end of the run

He shoots down


Double blacks.

He races other boards

To show that he’s better.

When he wins you can tell

He knows that he is

one of the best

On the mountain.

The other boards know

When to get out of the way.

When he shows up

At the terrain park

At blacks

At double blacks



At jumps

At the hotel

At the cafeteria

In the powder

At the snow school

The helicopter

The ski lift

The tram

The ticket counter

At the moguls

The rails

The tree runs

And on the MOUNTAIN,

They know they should

Let him go first,

For all…

He is the King.

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