Go Big, or Go Home
The reason we did the In came assignment was to try and understand Charles Dickens writing style better. The easiest part was coming up with the topic of what I would do it on. Th hardest part was actually writing it.

In came pitcher with his baseball glove and hat, and walked on to the mound, and made a big laugh out  of it, and once everyone was laughing he threw 300 pitches through two innings. In came the coach, one mad face. In came the one new pitcher who was happier then ever, smile bigger than ever. In came all the groundskeepers to fix up the infield before he threw his first pitch in the big leagues. In came the batter, with his big bat, the number four batter. In came the on-deck batter, with his best friends’ cleats, from his dad. In came his dad from the stands, who was suspected of breaking the law; trying to hide behind a hot dog stand until the cops came and took him downtown, but  was proved that he was only trying to give his son a good luck hug. In the team came, one after another, some fast, some slow, some happily, some sadly, some running, some crying; in they all came, anyhow and every how. 

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