Go Big, or Go Home
  1:        I think this story relates to middle school because of the types of kids and their behaviors of which they handle things. There are always certain kids that are followers and leaders.

 Jack and Ralph were fighting for leader of the group, eventually Ralph saw that it was not power that was important as much as it was about working together. Just like when the choose who was leader of the group, “I’m Chief then” said Ralph, “The freckles on Jacks face disappeared.”[pg. 23] Piggy was the guy that did not believe that power solved everything, that is where Ralph got that idea. The litluns in the book were the followers.

 In middle school it is very similar; the two most popular kids are fight to be the leader of the school, they bully kids to show their power and to scare of other potential leaders. All the kids that look up to those kids and try to be friends with them are the followers of middle school.

            In middle school and in Lord of the Flies by William Golding they are very similar.


2:        I think that in the book some of the kids were a savage and some of the kids are civilized, like Piggy. In the book Jack and Ralph started out on being a savage, but as time went on Ralph learned that he had to be civilized in order to stay alive on this island. What they should have done is right away is when they crashed the plane they should have stopped swimming and playing and a made a shelter. They should have listened to Piggy right away; he was the only civilized person on the whole island. Once they relized the situation they felt like killing and violence was the appropriate thing, they should have worked together. That is the reason that Piggy and Simon are dead.

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