Go Big, or Go Home
  Hi, welcome to my Weebly. This is my e-portfolio where I’m showcasing my work.  It is a place for me to document my learning this year. It also lets me show it to more people.  On the right of the home page, you can click on Mrs. Gates' Webpage. That will lead you to my teacher’s Weebly. From my teachers Weebly, you can get to my classmates’ Weeblies. If you click on the L. Arts page, it will come up to the essay of the book we read as a class. You will see my six word memoirs which are six word sentences about me.  If you leave your mouse on the L. Arts folder, a little tab will come down that says Poetry Glogster. If you click on that, it will show you a backboard of my poem I wrote.  If you click on the About Me page, it will show you my Mandala and my three favorite vacation spots, my four favorite teams, and my four favorite sports to play. Please leave comments.

Mrs. Gates
3/9/2010 06:13:14 am

You have done a great job on your website. You've chosen such a great photo for the template! Everything that is supposed to be on the site is here. Good job.


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